Rich & Kam Hoxey

Founders Rich & Kam Hoxey's vision for Hoxey Guitars is a father and son-directed family business with 50-plus years of combined experience. Rich was trained as a machinist in the US Army in the early 80's and went on to create a career in machining from bridgeports and belt driven lathes to 30 foot 5 axis floor mills. Kameron began his career in machining during his high school years and after graduation began his path towards design, programming, engineering, and multi axis machining. Fast forward 10 years and the family moved to Florida to begin a new venture bringing the mid west machining culture to Florida and service the manufacturing sector. Both Kameron and Rich have held positions with several of aerospace companies in Michigan and driven them toward success with a passion and work ethic for excellence.After starting the business Kameron pursued his long life interest in electric guitars. He had always adored the high end models but could not justify the price. So he sat down at the computer and started the process of creating "his own" designs, perfecting the flaws that he recognized from other models and making the true "guitar players" guitar, therefore creating Hoxey Guitars.Our vision is to take machining to a new level of "outside the box" thinking and provide outstanding quality and dependable products. Our reputation is very important to our business, so we will always strive forward with integrity to develop the relationships that stand the test of time.